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This Sunday is the Fifth Sunday of Saint Matthew's gospels.  We commemorate the newest saint of the Church, Saint Paisios the Athonite, the beloved holy elder of Greece.  He was canonized on January 13, 2015 by the Holy Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate.  Saint Paisios was born in July 25, 1924 in the humble village of Farasa in Cappadocia, Asia Minor – modern day Turkey.  A week following Saint Paisios’ baptism the Turks drove out all of the Greeks from Asia Minor, sending them on a 400-mile exodus to Greece, where his family settled in Epiros.  In 1950 he went to Mount Athos, where he remained for most of the rest of his life, growing in spiritual stature through prayer, fasting, and many ascetical practices.  Saint Paisios is one of the most beloved modern saints in the Orthodox world because he was able to speak to us in contemporary language, using simple analogies that communicated deep spiritual wisdom.  Central to Elder Paisios’ spiritual life were the virtues of love, humility, and sacrifice.  Depicted in his icon is a scroll in his hand which contains one of his well-known sayings, “Love and humility are the frequency in which God works” – meaning that we should turn the dial of our heart to the frequency of love and humility, so that God can work in us.  He often described how our ego and selfishness push away God and those whom we love.


We have resumed Sunday services for the entire congregation.  Evaluating our summertime attendance, we see that we can safely accomodate the number of parishioners who attend while maintaining the six foot 'social distancing' requirement without the attendance groups we used the first three Sundays after our reopening.  Should our attendees exceed the capacity which we can accomodate, the church will remain open for a brief time following the Divine Liturgy to commune the faithful who were not able to be present in the church proper.

Please follow the directions of the Parish Council and Ushers for receiving communion - maintain your distance in the line using the designated social distancing X's that have been placed in the center aisle.  You may remove your masks momentarily to receive Holy Communion.  Holy Communion will continue to be distributed in the traditional manner.  You may not touch the red communion cloth, it will be held underneath your chin by the assigned adult helper.

Our church sanctuary is sanitized between services.  Note that there is an increase in coronavirus cases in Palm Beach County and observe all precautions.

Please read the COVID-19 Update from His Eminence Metropolitan Alexios in the Metropolis section of this bulletin.



CDC Website for current Coronavirus updates:


This Week at Saint Catherine
Sunday, July 12 ~ The Fifth Sunday of Matthew
       8:45 am   Orthros - Link to the Orthros Service text
      10:00 am   Divine Liturgy - Link to the Divine Liturgy text

       1:30 pm   HDF Team Meeting via Zoom

Wednesday, July 15
       7:00 pm   Parish Council Meeting

Friday, July 17
       1:00 pm   Parish Council Stewardship Meeting


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