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This Week at Saint Catherine
Sunday, May 26 ~ Sunday of the Samaritan Woman
       8:45 am   Orthros  -  Download the Orthros Service
     10:00 am   Divine Liturgy

Monday, May 27
     Memorial Day ~ office closed

Wednesday, May 29
       6:30 pm   Discover Orthodoxy (class 1)

Thursday, May 30
       9:30 am   Paraklesis (in church)
     10:15 am   “Explore the Word” Bible Study (small hall)

Highlights of Upcoming Services and Events
Sunday, June 2 ~ Sunday of the Blind Man
       8:45 am   Orthros
     10:00 am   Divine Liturgy

Wednesday, June 5 ~ Apodosis of Pascha
       9:00 am   Orthros
     10:00 am   Divine Liturgy
       6:30 pm   Discover Orthodoxy (class 2)

Thursday, June 6 ~ Holy Ascension - Please note the earlier service times
       8:00 am   Orthros
       9:00 am   Divine Liturgy
       7:00 pm   Parish Council Meeting

Apodosis, the Leavetaking, of Pascha - the Feast of Feasts, is the thirty-ninth day after our Lord’s Resurrection.  The fortieth day is the Feast of the Lord’s Ascension, which marks the end of the Lord’s physical presence on earth.  He does not abandon us, however.  He has promised to be with us always, even until the end of the age (Matthew 20:28).  

The services of the Apodosis are celebrated just as on the day of Pascha itself.  This will be the last chanting of Christos Anesti until the Anastasis next year.


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