Christ is in our midst!  He is and ever shall be!


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Light a candle and offer a prayer at Saint Catherine (click above).  The online form sends the names of your family and friends direct to Father Andrew at the altar; prayers are offered during at the Proskomidi in preparation for the Divine Liturgy!



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This Sunday is first Sunday in the series of gospel readings from Saint Luke.

Among those we remember today are Callistratus the Martyr and his 49 companions. These Martyrs contested for the Faith during the reign of Diocletian, in the year 288. Saint Callistratus was arrested as a Christian, and after being tormented, was enclosed in a sack and cast into the sea.  The sack burst, and the Saint came to dry land safe and sound.  Forty-nine soldiers, seeing this, also confessed Christ, and with him were cast into prison, then beheaded.


We continue to safely accomodate the number of parishioners who attend while maintaining the six foot 'social distancing' requirement.  Should our attendees exceed the capacity which we can accomodate, the church will remain open for a brief time following the Divine Liturgy to commune the faithful who were not able to be present in the church proper.

Holy Communion continues to be offered in the traditional manner at the conclusion of the Liturgy. Everyone is to approach by the center aisle pew-by-pew, maintaining your distance in the line using the designated social distancing X's that have been placed in the center aisle.  You may remove your masks momentarily to receive Holy Communion.  Please do not touch the red communion cloth; it will be held underneath your chin by the assigned adult helper.  Those not receiving Holy Communion are in the same line and will not stop for Holy Communion but continue to the Antidoron by the side exit door.

Our church sanctuary is sanitized between services.  Note that there is an increase in coronavirus cases in Palm Beach County and observe all precautions.



CDC Website for current Coronavirus updates:


This Week at Saint Catherine

Sunday, September 27 ~ The 1st Sunday of Luke

       8:45 am   Orthros - Link to the Orthros Service text
     10:00 am   Divine Liturgy - Link to the Divine Liturgy text

     11:00 am   Sunday School by Zoom 

     12:30 pm   HDF by Zoom


 Monday, September 28

     11:00 am   South Florida Clergy meet by Zoom


Parish Financial Summary

Parish Financial Summary for Eight (8) Mos. Ended August 31, 2020:
Income:                    $ 365,742
Expenses:                 $ 427,861
Net Income (Loss):   ($  62,118)


2020 Stewardship  We thank those who have fulfilled - or are continuing to fulfill - their financial pledge for this year.   We respectfully ask that those who have yet to begin their financial support to please do so.  


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