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This Week at Saint Catherine
->  Daylight Saving Time begins Sunday March 11th.
->  Set your clocks ahead one hour Saturday night.

Sunday, March 11 ~ 3rd Sunday of Great Lent - Veneration of the Cross
       8:45 am   Orthros  Download the Orthros
->->9:45 am   Divine Liturgy  <-<-
     10:00 am   Sunday School

Tuesday, March 13
     AHEPA and Daughters of Penelope at AHEPA 18 Apts
       6:00 pm   Refreshments
       7:00 pm   Meetings

Wednesday, March 14
       9:00 am   Presanctified Liturgy
       5:00 - 7:00 pm Visitation ending with the Trisagion Service for
       Nicholas Lucas at Palms West Funeral Home in Royal Palm Beach

Thursday, March 15
       9:00 am-10:30 am   Orthodoxy Today
     11:00 am   Nicholas Lucas Funeral
       7:00 pm   Parish Council Meeting

Friday, March 16
       7:00 pm   4th Salutations, Lenten Supper and Study


Highlights of Upcoming Services and Events
Sunday, March 18 ~ 4th Sunday of Great Lent
       8:45 am   Orthros
     10:00 am   Divine Liturgy
     Greek Independence Day Parade, Tarpon Springs

Tuesday, March 20
       10:30 am   Board Meeting
       12:00 pm   Lunch Meeting

Wednesday, March 21
       6:00 pm   Presanctified Liturgy
       7:30 pm   Becoming Orthodox  (3rd of 4 in the series, in Church, “The Sacraments”)

Friday, March 23
       7:00 pm   Akathist Hymn, Lenten Supper and Study


New Logo for YouTube done In-house  Many of our Divine Liturgies have been recorded and can be viewed at  Subscribe to our YouTube channel: Saint.Catherine.Greek.Orthodox.Church


Family Life Blog

Our Metropolis of Atlanta Family Life Blog has wonderful inspiring material for families and each of us as individuals.  Take a look at the flyer on our Saint Catherine home page.  Read and share the Family Life blog which is at:


Stewardship at Saint Catherine: 

We invite you to join the growing number of Saint Catherine stewards in 2018.  Thank you faithful stewards who have pledged and have set-up a donation plan through e-giving.  Stewardship is partnership with God and the happiest people on earth are those who have discovered the joy of giving!  Saint Catherine stewards - you are the life blood of our Church.  We thank you for your dedication.


Orthodox Christian Programs

We have Orthodox Christian programs available 24 hours a day, seven days of  the week.  There is the weekly Come Receive the Light program and three channels of content to listen to in addition to special presentations in the form of podcasts, articles and videos.  Take a break from your routine to read / listen / watch the Orthodox content from the Orthodox Christian Network (OCN).  All are all available at:


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