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March 26, 2023
Fourth Sunday in Great Lent, 
John Climacus the Righteous, author of The Divine Ladder of Ascent

Synaxis in honor of the Archangel Gabriel


COVID-19 protocol:  Parishioners and guests may wear a mask if they desire in our Church and Hellenic Cultural Center.  All are advised not to enter if exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms.  Everyone should also follow the CDC guidelines quarantining if they recently been with someone who is COVID positive or experiencing symptoms.

Links to the service text:  Links to the service texts are through the Digital Chant Stand of our Archdiocese.  For optimal viewing select the "GR-EN Text/Music" link for Matins (Orthros) and Divine Liturgy. Apps may be downloaded for your phone or tablet. Link to the Digital Chant Stand 

Holy Communion:  When the faithful approach the Holy Chalice, they should stand with respect before the priest and say their baptismal/chrismation name.  After the name is uttered, the faithful should open their mouth to receive Holy Communion.  When the spoon goes into the mouth, the faithful should close their mouth and make sure that they swallow the consecrated Bread and Wine.  Every person who stands before the Holy Chalice, should not have any contact with the red communion cloth, before, during, or after receiving Holy Communion.  The red communion cloth is to be placed under each person’s chin by those who are assisting the clergy.  Under no circumstances should the red communion cloth be used as a table napkin to wipe the mouth, nor should one who has received Holy Communion touch it at all. 

Coffee and Fellowship:  We invite you to join us for coffee and fellowship in our Hellenic Cultural Center after the Divine Liturgy.


This Week
Sunday, March 26  Sunday of Saint John Climacus
      8:30 am  Orthros
      9:45 am  Divine Liturgy
                    Parish Oratorical Festival after the Liturgy

 Wednesday, March 29
      6:00 pm  Presanctified Liturgy

 Thursday, March 30
    10:00 am  Philoptochos baking Koulourakia

Friday, March 31
      7:00 pm  Akathist Hymn
                    Lenten Supper and Program

Saturday, April 1
      GOYA District Oratorical Festival in Ft. Pierce


Highlights of Upcoming Services and Events
Sunday, April 2  Sunday of Saint Mary of Egypt
      8:30 am  Orthros
      9:45 am  Divine Liturgy
                    Parish Assembly after the Liturgy

Tuesday, April 4
      AHEPA and Daughters of Penelope Meetings

Wednesday, April 5
      9:00 am  Presanctified Liturgy
      7:00 pm  Discover Orthodoxy

Friday, April 7
      6:00 pm  Youth Lenten Retreat

Saturday, April 8  Saturday of Lazarus
      9:00 am  Orthros
    10:00 am  Liturgy
    11:30 am  Folding Palms


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As of March 25th, Stewardship gifts have been received for 2023 from 143 individual/families totaling $74,807  Some of the donations represent fulfillment of their total pledge while many others have begun their weekly, monthly or other scheduled donation. We are so thankful to these stewards.

Have you sent in your 2023 Stewardship Commitment Form?  Forms are available in the Narthex of the church, in the Hellenic Cultural Center and online.  Click here for the 2023 Stewardship Program and Commitment Form.  Thank you to our stewards who have already sent their 2023 pledge forms!!

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